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What we do

Inclusive Innovation

Inclusive innovations are new solutions that have a positive impact on people’s lives. They provide the Base of the Pyramid (BoP) with access to affordable, quality products or services and income-generating opportunities. BoP Innovation Center supports entrepreneurs and organisations through the innovation process, reducing complexity and risks. We provide design thinking expertise, market insights and entrepreneurial guidance to develop solutions for BoP markets.

Marketing & Distribution

We provide solutions to startups, SMEs and corporates to make sure that their impactful products and services reach the BoP successfully. BoP Innovation Center believes in including the people in the BoP not only as consumers, but also as entrepreneurs in the business operations of our clients. We built up specific knowledge and experience (including failures) to provide our clients with meaningful insights and best practices to develop and implement strategies to market and distribute products and services to the BoP.

Inclusive Business Empowerment

To create a thriving environment for inclusive business (IB), you need a set of non-traditional business skills and know-how to understand consumer demand and behaviour in BoP markets. Based on our own experiences and knowledge and that of trusted partners, we work on this inclusive business empowerment by developing state-of-the art advisory tools and training for business- and development professionals, creating strategic alliances, doing research and sharing knowledge.




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